Commercial Patio Misting Cooling and Heating in AZ

Señor Mist transforms your outdoor area to help your business thrive

Invest in the quality of your business and watch your returns increase. By making your outdoor area more inviting, you create a better environment for both your customers and employees. Señor Mist has been helping businesses all over the Phoenix valley by helping business owners choose which products would benefit their business most. Whether it be for restaurants, shopping centers, stadiums, venues, playgrounds, our team of professionals at Señor Mist will educate you and provide you with the tools you need.


We offer the highest quality
products and services including your choice of:

  • Mist Systems/Fog Effects
  • Single and Dual Element Heaters
  • Standard and Custom Colors
  • Multiple Installation Options
  • Remote Controls/Switches
  • Heat Intensity Controls
  • Patio Drop Shades, Rolling Shutters
  • and More!


With our years of experience on projects both large and small, let Señor Mist be your partner in providing your client with Industry-leading products and unmatched "service after the sale". Allow us to take the worry and hassle out of the equation and let your people be more productive, here’s how it works:

  • Review all drawings and documents.
  • Perform a site visit for further review of the project with the on-site Superintendent and Architect.
  • Provide a preliminary/budgetary proposal for further review and discussion.
  • Narrow the Scope of Work through discussions.
  • Provide a final proposal of all material & work.
  • Once the project is approved Señor Mist will coordinate a detailed work schedule with the Superintendent.
  • Señor Mist will be compliant with all applicable work and safety codes as outlined by client/project.
  • Prior to the start of any work our onsite, Supervisor and employees will check in to the client's office.
  • Señor Mist will meet or exceed all work schedules as required and report daily to the Superintendent.
  • As with any job site, Señor Mist will perform a complete and thorough cleanup of the day’s work/material.
  • All material and material warranty documents will be provided upon request.
  • After completion of all work Señor Mist will review all work and operating instructions with either the onsite Superintendent and or end client.

For leading commercial patio misting system for outdoor comfort services in the Phoenix area,
contact our team of highly trained experts for fast, reliable service.